Chipped a Tooth? An Emergency Dentist Lists Down Some First-Aid Tips

Teeth can chip or break for a number of reasons, and this includes everything from biting onto a hard piece of food to an accident that causes trauma to the mouth. Many people will know right away when they have chipped or cracked a tooth, and some may wonder if they need to contact an emergency dentist or if they can wait until they can get into their regular dentist for the next available appointment. Here are some first-aid tips you’ll need to follow to ensure that the damage on your tooth can be reduced.

Assess the Damage

As a first step, take a moment to look at your tooth in the mirror. Look at how much of the tooth has been chipped, and determine if there is damage or trauma to the gum. Did the tooth get knocked loose, or is it still secure in the jaw?

An Implant Dentist Explains What to Expect on Your Implant Procedure

When you think about getting a dental implant surgery, you may think about setting up an appointment for a single surgical appointment with your implant dentist. However, the process typically requires several appointments to be made with the oral surgeon or implant dentist over the course of several months.

The entire process may take up to nine months to complete, although the average time frame is approximately six months. The results will definitely be worth the wait, though, as you can enjoy a dazzling smile. Understanding more about the process is important so that you know what to expect.

Removal of the Damaged Tooth

In some cases, a dental implant is needed when a tooth has already been lost. However, in many cases, the implant is needed to replace a tooth that is currently in the mouth. It may be severely cracked, decayed or damaged in other ways.

A Cosmetic Dentist Offer Different Ways to Improve a Cracked Tooth

For most people, how their teeth looks matter, especially if they are to face people every day. That’s why it’s almost unnerving, aside from being painful, for people to have one of their teeth chipped or cracked.

Depending on the severity of your cracked or chipped tooth, you may be dealing with mild or severe pain, or you may simply be worried about your teeth’s appearance and your ability to speak clearly. Thankfully, a cosmetic dentist may recommend one or several different treatment options to remedy your issue and bring back your confidence in showing your smile.

A veneer is a thin material that is affixed to the front of the tooth, and it can be customized so that it is the same size, shape and color as the original healthy tooth. Essentially, nobody will be able to tell that your tooth has been damaged.

Dental Care: How Does a Holistic Dentist Differ from Other Dentists?

Many people have already discovered the benefits of holistic medicine, and some are now taking a closer look at what holistic dentistry has to offer. Setting up an initial consultation with a holistic dentist is a great way to get your specific questions answered about the differences and about the type of treatments you can expect through holistic medicine. However, learning more about the general differences is a great way to determine if you want to sit through a consultation and get your additional questions answered.

How Dental Care Impacts Total Body Health

Both traditional and holistic dental professionals will tell you that regular dental care is important for general body health. In fact, receiving great dental care can reduce your chance of developing gum disease, heart disease, diabetes and more.

Both types of dental care promote optimal health and well-being, but holistic dental care is unique because it takes a natural approach to oral healthcare.

Dental Implants Offer You a Permanent Solution for a Beautiful Smile

Philadelphia is bustling with activity, a place where everyone is on the go and in the know. You want to be on the top of your game, shooting for the stars as you strive to reach your goals. If you have a problem with your teeth, this can get in your way.

This especially holds true when it comes to missing teeth. Unsightly gaps in the front of your mouth can make you extremely self-conscious as you hide your teeth from others. It can make you avoid cameras, the mirror, social situations, and interviews. The last thing you want to do is let missing teeth hold you back. Thankfully, dental implants can transform your smile and make your pearly whites shine.

An Emergency Dentist Lists Down Some Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore



Not every oral health symptom will require an emergency dentist in Philadelphia, but patients should be able to recognize the signs that something serious is taking place in their mouth. Read ahead for a closer look at four of the most common oral health symptoms that should never be ignored.

Sores on Your Gums or Tongue

There are quite a few health issues that can result in sores on your gums or tongue. In some instances, this is nothing more than an allergic reaction to something you have eaten. If these sores are particularly painful, bleeding, or do not go away after a few days, then you should immediately schedule an appointment with your dentist. Dark and bleeding sores could be anything from an infection to oral cancer.

Caring for Your Smile: Tips on Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist

Your smile is among the most prominent facial features, and one that other people see and notice first. Having impaired, crooked or discolored teeth have an impact on the way you portray yourself to other people. A damaged smile might as well diminish eating or speaking capacity and keep you from having the confidence with others that would be enjoyable.

To gain confidence with their smile, most people seek the services of a cosmetic dentist, more particularly to have their teeth whitened. In-office teeth whitening is among the most effective ways one can achieve a longer-lasting gleaming white smile, but only if done by a widely-trusted dentist. Here’s how you can find a dentist who can help you improve your smile.